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Brighter Bites Announces Upcoming Three-Part Webinar Series

Brighter Bites, a national nonprofit that delivers fresh fruits and vegetables directly into families’ hands, announces its upcoming three-part webinar series which will provide more insight and information on the program impact with its followers, supporters, and potential friends.

Brighter Bites’ first ever webinar series entitled, “Brighter Bites: Our Not-So-Secret Formula”, aims to educate its audience on the Brighter Bites mission, organization’s impact, the ways you can join the movement, and much more. Over the course of the three-part series, attendees will hear a word from the Brighter Bites Founder, Lisa Helfman, testimonials from partners, research and data from Co-Founder, Dr. Shreela Sharma, and stories from inside the schools from a panel of educators.

“We’re so excited to spread the word and educate our audience about our life behind-the-scenes at Brighter Bites through our first-ever webinar series,” said Melissa McDonald, Director of Development at Brighter Bites. “We’re grateful for our team, donors, and volunteers for making this possible and to be able to share exciting announcements about our future initiatives in the communities we serve.”

Brighter Bites: Our Not-So-Secret Formula

  • Tuesday, August 22 11:30am-12:00pm CST: Fill the Plate
  • Wednesday, August 23 11:30am-12:00pm CST: Educate
  • Thursday, August 24 11:30am-12:00pm CST: Make it Great


“This webinar allows us to provide our followers, supporters, and potential new friends with insight into the impact of this program,” said Rich Dachman, CEO of Brighter Bites. “You’ll hear more about how the program operates through strong partnerships, how the formula really works in creating healthy change in families, and how the program is changing nutrition education in schools. Brighter Bites works, and we are excited to give you a closer look into the change we’re making in lives across the country.”

To learn more about the Brighter Bites: Our Not-So-Secret Formula webinar series, see here or contactdevelopment@brighterbites.org.

To learn more about becoming a corporate sponsor through product or financial donations contact Director of Strategy and Partnerships, Amy Priebe, at amy.priebe@brighterbites.org.

About Brighter Bites:

Brighter Bites is a nonprofit that creates communities of health through fresh food with the goal of changing behavior among children and their families to achieve long-term health. Brighter Bites is an evidence-based, multi-component elementary school, preschool, and summer camp program that utilizes reliable access to fruits and vegetables, nutrition education, and consistent exposure to recipes and messages that feature fresh food. Since 2012, Brighter Bites has provided over 50 million pounds of produce and millions of nutrition education materials to more than 500,000 individuals (including teachers) in Houston, Dallas, Austin, New York City, the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan area, Southwest Florida, Salinas, Los Angeles, Bakersfield, and San Antonio. To learn more about Brighter Bites visit www.brighterbites.org.

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