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Citrus Mealybug Field Day, May 5

To teach PCAs about citrus mealybug (an emerging concern for citrus growers) this field day will focus on lectures on pest identification and biology, scouting/monitoring, and management, lecture on ant control.  With this knowledge, PCAs can monitor the fields for mealybug infestation and develop informed management strategies.  Attendees will receive instruction from Sandipa Gautam and David Haviland from the UC Cooperative Extension.  The field day will take place in a citrus block in Ivanhoe, CA.  Growers can register to attend by April 21 HERE, or by emailing sangautam@ucanr.edu.  Attendees should bring a 10x hand lens. An email will be sent out with a location ping to registrants 1-week prior to the event.  3 hours of Other Continuing Education Units are pending approval with CDPR.


8:00 a.m. Registration: Ivanhoe citrus block

8:30-9:30 am

  1. Introduction: The citrus mealybug problem and best management practices (chemical, biological).
  2. Seasonal phenology and monitoring males using pheromone lure (Georgina Reyes)

9:30 am: Sugar-feeding ants and their management in orchard systems

10:15 am: Microscope time: Identification of mealybug stages, and parasitism.

11:00 am: Field demonstration of pesticide trial.

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